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TODO: Remove “TODO:” code comments before RTM

I was tweaking the editmessage.aspx page for OWA 2007 in Exchange 2007 and I noticed some leftover code comments from the developers at Microsoft.

Do code comments like this make it past the QA process often?

<td id="tdSubjLbl"> </td>
			<!-- TODO: OWA: 775: make sure this comment (and any others) are removed in retail -->
			<!-- For some reason, if this input field is not wrapped in a div, when the user types some text it resizes itself by a few pixels. Go figure.-->
<td> </td>
<div class="h100"><input id="txtSubj" class="edtSubj" maxlength="255" type="text" value="&lt;% RenderSubject(false); %&gt;" /></div>