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Installing lighttpd with mod_magnet on centos x86_64

Installing lighttpd was pretty simple, however while setting up this wordpress site I wanted to enable WP Super Cache. In order to run Super Cache in full mode on lighttpd we need lighttpd with mod_magnet.

mod_magnet requires that lua be install. For some reason lighttpd doesn’t appear to like lua when it is installed via yum. So I had to compile it by source.

mkdir /root/installers
cd /root/installers
mkdir lua
cd lua
wget http://www.lua.org/ftp/lua-5.1.4.tar.gz
tar xvfz lua-5.1.4.tar.gz
cd lua-5.1.4

Note: if you are using x86_64 you will need to make this modification

vim src/Makefile





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