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Adding a Directory to Linux PATH Environment Variable

During custom compiling of applications, sometimes you will see error messages like the following:

make: depmod: Command not found

That doesn’t necessarily mean your computer doesn’t have something installed, but it could mean the program just couldn’t find it.
Here is how to fix it:

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ClamAV Update Breaks Mail Delivery

Postfix + ClamAV + SpamAssassin + Amavisd-New

As we all know, ClamAV versions older than 0.95 stopped working yesterday. This was announced some time ago by ClamAV, but caught most people (Myself and Devin) by surprise when mail flow stopped cold on our email servers. ClamAV pushed down an update that broke older versions, forcing sysadmins to either disable Antivirus, or update ClamAV to a more recent version.

We were running a very old version of ClamAV, 0.91.2-1~volatile1, from 2007. An upgrade was long overdue anyway. Here are 2 ways to fix it.

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